Monday, June 20, 2011

This Weekend and Location Advice!

What a weekend for EverydayEros Studio!  I started with a beautiful wedding on Friday, found myself photographing a couple for an engagement session on Saturday and ended it all on Sunday with my first pregnancy shoot.  Every wonderful couple and individual I worked with was lovely- each allowing me to be freely creative and just "do-my-thing".  Although I expect to go into each shoot with my own style, it's certainly wonderful to work with people who see that style and love it enough to verbally tell me to just go for it.  -I truly wish for every weekend to be this productive.  One day I'll get there.  I am just beginning this journey after all.

I've had some inquiries lately about future weddings and events for 2012 and 2013.  It truly feels surreal to have others feel connected enough with my work to ask about their dates so far in the future.  EverydayEros Studio is blooming and very naturally.  It's a lovely progression and I am reworking my business plans over the next couple of months.  (There may even be a side project for an 'Everyday Photobooth'- something that will be tested on July 3rd!).


I'd like to give this blog something beyond just the work being produced from such incredible events.  As my business grows (and as I begin searching for a photographer for my own wedding), I learn more and more about what it takes to get those perfect shots.  It does have a lot to do with the perspective of your photographer and their personal style.  Certainly, if you want edgier shots, a photojournalistic style and pure creativity- you are going to want to stray away from the traditional photographers that focus simply on set-up shots.  One is not better than the other but definitely think about which you'd like at your day.  Do you prefer family shots and a more traditional look or do you want a perfect candid and portrait focused end product?

If your answer falls into the second category of a more portrait based photojournalistic style, seek out interesting locations near your reception area.  Giving yourself enough time in that location is also important.  If you are lucky enough that your reception area has incredible surroundings, there's no worries- but certainly take a look around before your big day.  If you aren't sure, make sure to give your photographer the name of the place and address and ask them if they can check it out for you.  An even better option (especially if you book me for your event) is to call your photographer, grab a cup of coffee to-go, and walk around the area together.  This will help with time management during your day and have your photographer begin thinking about the beauty of the area for the few weeks before instead of on the spot.  It's not always possible, but if it is, try and make it happen.  It will ease you, your photographer and give you both some time to get to know each other even better (certainly an important part of my own work).

Friday's wedding was in Smithville, NJ.  My beautiful bride, Andrea, told me a bit about the area we would be in before her big day.  Before and after the ceremony we headed to a little carousel  in the town.  It was the perfect location for bridal shots and portrait shots of the couple.  The location was unique, interesting and different.  I have certainly never photographed someone in that spot and it made the portraits of her day extremely special and unique.  If this is what you are aiming for- seek those locations out.  They can work to have your wedding photography timeless, unique, classic and creative.

I have not even edited half of the shots from Friday's wedding but I am hooked on the carousel 
shots already.  Here's a small preview. 

Until next time!

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